Renew your membership now for 2020-2021!

If you are not a NHGFOA member, consider joining the association today! In addition to the cost savings, you will begin receiving prompt notification of important trends and events through automatic subscription to the association's list-serve which is a great networking and information forum. Although the training and services of NHGFOA are available to any individual with an interest in the field of public financial management, in most instances the related charge is discounted for members of the New Hampshire Government Finance Officers Association (NHGFOA). If you have general inquiries about membership or the NHGFOA, please contact [email protected] .

NHGFOA membership also provides an established network of more than 400 individuals dedicated to improving the profession of government finance. Peer contacts are an invaluable asset for improved intergovernmental relations. Through participation on the association's Executive Board and standing committees, members help shape the direction of major public policy issues. You and your staff can begin taking immediate advantage of these and other membership benefits by writing or calling the NHGFOA headquarters in Concord to request membership or by filling out and mailing the membership form (below) along with your dues payment to us.

Regular Members of the NHGFOA shall consist of all individuals engaged by the State of New Hampshire or any political subdivision thereof in the field of finance, accounting or other related fiscal management who have paid dues. Regular members may include but not be limited to: Treasurer, Comptroller, Budget Officer, Director of Finance, Accountant, School Business Administrators, Municipal Administrative Assistants, Purchasing Agents, Tax Collectors, Assessors, etc. All governmental employees with some financial accounting or related responsibilities are eligible for regular membership.

Associate Members shall have all the rights and privileges in the Association except that they may not hold office in the Association or vote. Associate Members shall consist of all other individuals who pay dues and have an interest in municipal finance; associate members may include, but not be limited to:  Public Accountants, Educators, Actuaries, Bankers, Bond Counsel, etc.